Gus DaCosta

Hey exactly one Saturdays video is going to be about the history of Castle Island as you can see behind me in the background so I hope you enjoy this footage and I'll see you in the next one Castle Island is located on the boulevard and South Boston and the shore of Boston Harbour it has been the side of a fortification since 16:3Castle Island was connected to the mainland by a narrow strip of land in 1928 no longer an island it is currently 8:20 to 8 ridgeons site and the location of Fort independence During the Siege of Boston at the start of the American Revolution Castle William served as the main base of military operations for the British the leaders of the Massachusetts royal administration took refugee there with their families as did some prominent loyalists major Pelham Winslow of the prominent loyalist town of massachusetts by the,ndeCastle William for a time during the Revolution after March 17th 1776 British evacuation of Boston Castle William was destroyed a few days later March 20th 1776 IV was renamed for independence in 1797 and is one of them modified side in British North America