Jack The Ripper Tour

I started my walking tours in 1982 and at the time I was a postman working just down the road from here this was the area that my rounders in and around that started seeing all these wonderful street names that recognised from child of Reading and so I started researching it and I want to be sitting on the frame sorting and stop telling the postman stories about the area so I put an advert in time out one Sunday afternoon in 1982 and 18 people turned up and I did that too I've done it ever since and so I've been going there for the oil for over 30 years are Jack the Ripper is an expert on the subject running a script script second round with guide to not just guys that people know the subject and have a passion for subject and that's what all of our clients comment on the passion the other thing I think about it is the route because where we started Aldgate East and that is almost the beginning epicentre of the Jack the Ripper murders then you get an alleyway across the road from where we started you go through this morning wonderful sinister Part that is more that exactly as it was in 1888 and you going to the cobbled alley way and suddenly the 21st century's disappeared and your back there in 1888 and you're at the start of a murder which some people still do think was the first murder by Jack the Ripper and that's Martha Turner in all the early August 1888 and then you go round on to Brick Lane Brick Lane on the corner of floor screed you got this lovely old but it Snow pub then it's the frying pan is now an Indian restaurant because of bricklayers line with Indian restaurant and the first thing to hit you on Brick Lane is the smell of curry and if he's not even yo yo yo yo salivating about it and then we arrived at Christ church Spitalfields and it's a wonderful call where you got the which is the pub where a lot of the victims prank and Christ Church Spitalfields in this is the soaring white Spire I mean it really is it dominates its surroundings today at dominated and surroundings in 1888 and I was point of the black church spire to the groups that look at that church spire think on this every one of Jack the Ripper's victims would have looked up at that church spire that you're now looking at and I think it really does connect our age with that