Westminster Bridge Rd, London SE1 7XP, UK  

Tom Scott

Century London have a problem it had too many dead people are not nearly enough burial plots recently deceased boys were having to be assumed and then scattered in all to make room for more people be put in the ground now that was up to get an enormous health risk that contributeWith our I don't take s*** Playmobil largest cemetery 20 miles outside London and they would run train from there to here this terminates here in Waterloo and it will be the London Necropolis railway 1st Class 2nd class 3rd class a cut Above the Masquerade the money was using at the time for the dead but couldn't afford anything better and here is the astonishing thing that thing you might not know it was the London Metropolis railway a real thing for nearly a century the first train run in 1854 and while the motor car starting Diminish the service in the 20th century ran into World War II bombing out of the Railway tracks and this area during the Blitz