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Viale Italia, 139, 57127 Livorno LI, Italia  

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Livorno gateway to historic treasures in the modern delights of Tuscany like Connaught town Florence and Pisa wonder how are you I'm really proud of being it and I look like an Italian I've been it to a guide for 20 years I love meeting people from all over the world I love my town and they'r Sophia Loren birthplace of the Renaissance is about an hour from the lava and large is not be around any single corner you will see a work of art do you physically it's incredible it is one of the oldest and richest in museums in the world you can admire leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo David David was a baby come here Nicola want it to show the power of human beings and the David is the male perfection and the female standard beaut Is Venus the Birth of Venus made by botticelli Leonardo da Vinci invented what an Italian School motto motto that means that what is far the Landscape that is far away looks like wrapped in a sort of mist