Cibo e natura

Via Liguria, Cagliari CA, Italia

Sardinia mediterranean food at its best in terms of health and longevity it is no coincidence that it is here on this island that the highest percentage of centenarians in the world lives more than 350 people have celebrated their one maybe it's the mic water here is good but what are the food served in The Homes of these sardinian but what are the food served in The Homes of the sardinian centenarians this is a land of pastures as far as the eye can see with 1000 year ol dopIt's like pecorino and Furious order were already being produced in the days of the new Roddy there is also pecorino Romano so called because students of this cheese dates back to ancient RomAnother pillar on the menu of longevity is sardinian igp lamb raised in the open field with the sun the wind and the fresh clean it