Top 10 Ravenna - What to See Do in Ravenna, Italy

Via Gaetano Monti, 48121 Ravenna RA, Italia  

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Hi guys Mark you with all this world and we're in ravenna Italy basically the Byzantine blast have you have your rebirth it with the Renaissance in Florence in your goody goody Googl Gothic Indiana in central Italy this is the place to go to see Byzantine architecture Byzantine churches the mosaics it is amazing steady to check out time here's my family but great with this town is you have a lot of history I mean girls like separate UNESCO World Heritage places here as well as just a little bit down the road you have beaches you can I get the best of both worlds we like near the beach with a few drinks cinema amazing Byzantine mosaics you can find in Western Europe ok so change video is the top 10 things that you should come and see when you come here to ravenna things to see and do what you should eat things like that ok now the first thing you want to come