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Namaskar everyone I'm back with another beauty flora fountain which is situated in the crowded area of Fort Mumbai so come with mNo more about iFlora fountain rays within a Square World God that magic is a lava Sinn Fein heritage monument located at the southern end of the historic dadabhai naoroji Road Durrington was initially named after the governor of Bombay sir Bartle frere but just before the farRussian the name flora was best or on it this structure was constructed by the agri Horticultural Society of Western India with a donation by procedure for Dundee product design by R Norman Shaw and sculpted by an engineer teams for see the structure of the fountain is Celtic from Portland stone and it's coated with white oil painThis structure is a fusion of water architecture and sculpture that represents the Roman goddess of flowers named flora this is erected in the same place where George gets it before is demolishing along with Mumbai fort as you can see the four corners of the fountain are decorated with mycological figures and there is a magnificent statue of the Roman goddess installed at the top of the structure which makes the phantom look even more gorgeous From the time the Flora fountain was built in 1864 and 1960 the Joker fighAnd the fountain stands now was named as the Flora fountain area the area was later known as Madara Square off without michalka 1960 wearing stone statue wearing a pair of touch within Theatre it was built