Realise it but New York city's full of them Manhattan itself is technically just one 13.4 helen you've also got governors Island Liberty Island as well as Staten Island but there is one Island in New York that you may not know about no it's not a tiki bar Jade island which is fabulous by the way do yourself a favour and try the poo poo platter it's called the Earth in Thailand and it's one Island in New York that nobody is allowed to visit it sits in the east river right below Roosevelt Island you are the UN headquarters in for something so tiny has a pretty fascinating history in 1892 construction of an underground rail pass it begin that was meant to connect Manhattan to Queens via tunnel under the river builders had to drill through the granite underwater and that excavation produced access landfill which accumulated in eventually produce the tiny amount of rocks or is we in the biz call it in Ireland the island was originally named Belmont Island after August Belmont junior the man who financed the construction project original tunnel is now used by the 7 train and as for the island - haven up until recently has had a pretty uneventful existence then an organisation called the peace meditation at the United Nations a Buddhist group of owls spiritual year prolific artist and super ripped in Sri chinmoy we see Ireland from the city in 1977 they re christened it with n Ireland to honour the third Secretary General of the UN former Burmese diplomat name who that who is the friend of Sri chinmoy they also did some light landscaping and erected a 30 foot metal one massage but they were only allowed to visit a few times a year because of the heightened security around its neighbour the United Nations or I mean peaceful and return until 2004 when New York City hosted the Republican national convention a filmmaker an artist named Duke Riley decided to protest by rowing a boat out with them in the middle of the night and feeling a giant glow in the dark flight from the navigation Tower that's on there and declaring it a sovereign nation