The Old Granary is not the oldest cemetery in the city in fact is the third all this dating back to 1660 but it is probably the most frequent in due to the number of noted individuals laid to rest here within this graveyard of an estimated 12000 burials you will find the likes of Paul revere John Hancock neil Adams victims of the Boston massacre and Mother Goose within the cemetery are three types of graves the most common name are traditional headstones which you primarily see along the pasAlong the walls and sometimes actually in bed it into them are wesley you will see some large table like terms which are actually called well table tuneThis Cemetery is full of history and tales of intrigue many of which are told by historical markers place throughout the graveyard each of these markers has a map showing the names of famous burials within a certain area of the yard I want to start accounts in tales of the individuals buried here 1 favourite ale is that related to James oldest Jr James was a famous lawyer around the time of the Revolution who made an untimely Demise actually got into an argument with a British tax collector in a puThe man has seemingly settled the argument by hitting orders over thHow after the incident auditors mental Capacity went into decline whatever in the letter to the sister keeper size own ultimate Demise in his letter he wrote I hope in God shall take me out of time into eternity that it will be by a flash of lightning and 1783 or discard is worse when he was struck by to buy Andover.