MUST-EAT Singapore Indian Food at Tekka Centre

Tekka Ln, Singapore  

Mark Wiens

Hey everyone it's my queens with migrationologySingapore right now I am at the tennis Center which is a wonderful food court Hawker centre Slough shopping centre of all things in Little India and it's one of the best places to come if you are looking for Indian food this is a very popular market and food centre just immediately right after Little India MRT station and ride in Little India in Singapore on the bottom floor is a big food centre which is a giant food for open-air food courWell there are some Chinese food dishes salt availablMajority of the cells it is harder centre or an Indian and assembly as well but really really funny Indian stars so if you looking for if you're looking for if you're looking for and then there are also a lot shopping stores where you can buy clothes this is kind of an all-in-onShopping centre in food court in the heart of Singapore one of the things that I get the order was out of paper and this is a plaster I got it with an egg and onions on the inside he stretched out the door and then added some an egg and some onions into the middle and theA little package again he tried it up fresh amenity this right now because it is hot and fresh and served with a sauce or ho ho ho yes all the aroma oh that's really hot ok I just break into that I can see well that's even have to touch you can smell that are Roman onions in the egg in there enough resourcCall I should ask him we're good that it is all crispy on the edges but most of the road and then the inside is filled with an egOnions which are very pregnant and still a little bit crisps can then yeah definitely taking it to the next level it that's where a lot of Flavour comes from The Resource is not spicy it's mild but it's really really get protein breakfasts little me on with your exaAnother one of us documentary that I was really looking forward to trying when you wake up in the front or you can just smell the aroma this faces you can see that giant Hotstepper cook the rice in a chicken in it so I played it was he really careful with this damn right onto the plate just a couple scooterYou happy with a piece of chicken in a pot of ricStuck on some more right on top of that chicken is sandwiched between two layers of rice and then after that I had it I got an egg on the side and then he serve it with the cycle of the resource centre this is a complete the race is very orange and yellow colour for long strange strains of basmati rice the aroma is fantastic I also got it with an egg on the side and I'm just going to try someone else firsCall that rice has a beautiful fragrance to it and definitely the rice is a little bit nice, reallCan you have sometimes it more drive other times it's this one is a little more on the right side pain relief ok bye with this summer going to the curry saucSometimes when chicken is really really suck it tends to get mushy and sort of like starts you must but somehow this chicken is real le Sac but it's not mushy at all and it's just it's brilliant wow and then with a curry sauce and then with that spiced fragrant rice that is just simple you're marvelous compan can someone at Currys after the egg white chunky curry sauceHow's Murray lose at brilliant that is a really nice fragrance from Dad thatCan I believe that risotto eggplant in a cruise that which has been cooked for so long that it started to into the Greatest Hits I must in Dubai that eggplanIt was a great place of Nessie biryani and I'm still amazed at how the chicken was so soft but the extra remain really good and not much it was deliciouReliatech a centre it's a wonderful wonderful place to come if you have Indian food if I noticed mostly South Indian food beryllium a broad spectrum of different dishes to order lots of stools and when you walk around you can just smell the aroma of Us voices within the humidity of the air Singapore it's beautiful I want to think when did that take a Centre to come for the eat this is a wonderful place and I appreciate you are recommending it please remember to give this video thumbs up if you enjoyed it and also subscribe for more videos and I will see you on the next video