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Highgate vampire Highgate Cemetery is one of the most famous of all London's Victorian cemeteries first established in 1839 it's now the final resting place of about 170000 bodieIt's a beautiful example of a gothic garden Cemetery but it wasn't until relatively late in its history that its most terrifying resident was reported to be starting through the ground1960s the cemetery was in a state of disrepair it was a favourite hangout for vandals and other Shady characters once that shady figure first reported seeing something even darker according to this unnamed local a shadowy figure was wondering through the cemetery at night more and more people came forward with stories about the King's Empire Of The Undead some of the accounts givinI ported encounters with the creature included things like getting inexplicably lost running across black Spectre's and feeling and all of Dragon Palace some even claim to have been held motionless by a mysterious life draining Force people who previously walk their dogs through the cemetery found their canine companion so terrified they were only certain Harrow there were even reports of animals beinOnly dead in January 1970 the British psychic and occult Society started an investigation into the cemetery history they found a number of cases that pointed to a long history of vampiric activity including the case of Elizabeth Siddal which we'll talk about in a minute that history was probably encouraged by Bram Stoker's reference to the area is the final resting place of one of dragons the dark stories go back even farther into the past than that the site was used as a Plague pit in the 15th century what started is claims of the mysterious torment still, decidedlOne's word that are about the vampire hundreds of people showed up at the gates to hunting down stories and rumours had Unleashed a bit of mass hysteria on the area psychic Society turned up nothing despite their searches vandalism and corpse desecration were happening David Farrant self-proclaimed VamAir source for many of the claims was eventually