Aldwych Station: the unused station that saved British Museum's objects

Strand, London WC2R 1EP, Regno Unito  

The British Museum

In 1939 I give me one of History's greatest ever archaeological discoveries was being made at Sutton Hoo in Suffolk England and Anglo-Saxon ship of which he never been seen has been excavated in the backyard I want Mrs it is pretty between June and August of that year archaeologists uncover the remains in 89 footlong ship as well as some of the finest and most unique examples of Anglo-Saxon ever discovered these fines took the World by Storm depressed done to Sutton Hoo Britain's Tutankhamun on the 23rd of August and ignorant of their significance Mrs Pritty announce that she is giving all the files to the British Museum there they could be seen in their entirety by anyone free of charge it just a few hours I stop by the store to prevent loading and tomorrow see humidity levels 92 feet under ground to be precise here at station the reason the British Museum just received a message from Whitehall war with Germany was imminent aerial attacks inspected on London within days weeks and best it was time for the BM as well as every other major Museum library and gallery in the UK to start evacuating the most important object plans for this have been drawn up as early as 1933 the government NHS she's a safe house in which to store objects most of these were manor Houses located in the English countryside isolated and of Lidls military significance of giving access to the Aldwych original act as a major station for a new underground railway all these additional Walkways in tunnels meant that large volumes of crepes filled with incredibly fragile objects could be moved through here swiftly and safely through the tunnels they will eventually be taken to this platform from him the objects for carefully placed into that tunnel deep underground 10 times deeper than the Sutton Hoo treasures have been excavated from just two months prior it was well be on the range of an aerial attack but much more scarily objects that contain any kind of soluble salt within them if exposed to huge fluctuations and relative humidity can form breakages biscuit forming cracks in breakages in the otherwise very solid objects Museum did but it could to come back these conditions to stop moisture sleeping into the tunnel from above the tunnel was treated with lead based paint which is why I can't go in there today similarly the storage crates used for chemically treated to make them is water resistance possible within a few weeks the tunnel was filled up and 24-hour god were