Emilia-romagna embraces the traditions and flavours of 2 historically separate regions each with its own rich culinary culture so much so that many of its products have become symbols of the country such as the case for part of me John or a charmer chees In the same way it has been for centuries along ageing process with a mixture of curd milk and salt with no added preservatives Parmesan cheese contain 70% of our required nutrients including proteins vitamins and minerals the regions deli meats are also known around the world Bologna mortadella is prepared with primary cuts of ham and lard the meeting Stanground and seasoned with salt and peppercorns before being stuffed dried baked the famous prosciutto di Parma spares the seal of the ducal Crown has been produced in the pre-op and The air is dry and slightly salty since ancient Romans from Parma to the Spectacular Valli Di comacchio