It's one thing to read about the history of a place like this in a book and it's a completely different experience to see the history on the walls you can touch it you can feel it you can smell it I didn't know that they were here and I just what they had to go through from 19:10 to 19 tens of thousands of immigrants into the United States through the Angel Island immigration station which is located near San Francisco all over it was carvings in many languages reveals a unique story about those who came through it my name is steel chain and I was here to turn it back in 1937 I was here for three and a half months built room was 16 years old when he first came to America even though his father was born in the United States he still had to go through the immigration station so when you get off the ferry well I call it a welcome party just waiting for it which is half guard uniform no longer afraid of it you're not going to be able to see your family and you won't be all by yourself here just waiting for it to be free from you today when I think about it while and I'm really excited that we're in a place where we are actively planning to restore and preserve it the palms in the building were very important to the Asian American community overtime the building has decayed work is being done to save the building and its history for future generations efforts are being made to preserve the walls and the precious carvings they hold we knew that there is some writing her some poetry although it's very difficult to see if you look closely you can see the difference in texture by different and Shadow story remove paint to learn more about the carvings tomorrow more about how they were made to make them easier to read so that people who can read Chinese would be able to translate the page