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The old operating Theatre Museum and herb Garret hello and welcome to VideoJug if you're after a truly unique Museum experience make a visit to the old operating Theatre Museum in Southwark step one what's the big secret tucked away in Saint Thomas Street near London Bridge accessible only by an ancient narrow spiral staircasAttic full of gruesome medical Antiquities and historical remedies the old operating Theatre Museum and herb Garret is a fascinating insight into the history of medicine and an enlightening journey Through Time into a world of excruciating operations and now dubious medical procedures step 2 what's on offeShe waited in the Atticus um Thomas's Church the original Homer St Thomas's Hospital the 18th century herb Garret was originally used by the local apothecary to store and cure herbs used to treat patients nowadays the herb Garret is home to this fascinating Museum the beguiling smell of the apothecaries herbs still lingers as visitors are invited to touch anSome of the more aromatic exhibits displays of the grizzly looking surgical instruments chart the painful progression of medical technology while original specimens allow visitors and insight into early research in human anatomy favourite exhibits also include the bloodletting tools widely used in times past 2-slice patients skin iIllness could be caused by the patient having too much blood make your way through to the old operating theatre where operations would have been conducted under the watchful gaze of medical students without the benefits of antiseptic or anaesthetic operations were largely limited to amputations and the removal of bladder stones with five or six doctors required