George Callaghann

Respective disciplines I'm speaking to you I'm just outside the Texan Embassy in London so let me see where we got it to get a good angle and there is behind me and possibly read it so this was the James had his embassy herEmbassy in those days because such a person was a legate was delegated to the Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland at the time so as viewers may know Texas was an independent country for over 12 years to the Mexican American war when when Texas joined the United States so that's what it was was alsVietnam in Paris anyway there's a little behind me leads to a charming and drink water changes which is a Downton Abbey sheet of London private members clubs but it's not what I meanAnd they socialise and Lady Summers not be full members there a respectable a bit a bit boring someone say it James's Palace and country to popular belief Buckingham Palace brasserie 15th century buildings for the Buckingham Palace not so well known you set up two soldiers mounting guard outside I used to be a monastery into Henry VIIAnd turn it into a wolf Alice I have a long to Eton College that's why I always have eaten at the rhyme Henry is October stupid they gave us but anyway the the TexanVery handy for them but by the time this application was set up the bridge £1 it spending a lot more time in Buckingham Palace which is a little bit further away only about a mile from here sometime and Kensington Palace so we're on st. James's Street anyway the building was formerly the Texas legation is now very brother