Siddhivinayak temple situated at The Prodigy is dedicated to the lord Ganesha the temple is known by names like nerve cell phone I can put it on upside down packagDo it was declared secret on 19th November 1801 it was revealed by Allah antibodies only after 19:52 people waiting in long queues but seeing for the first time in the year 1965 and now they wouldn't have to wait for the done for us inside the temple is an idol of Hindu god Ganesha that iA single duct stone it is stupid topeak ride for the trunk on the right to open daI kind of the ideal homes and ask animal does respectively lower left and right hand holds a bowl full of model and the Rosary respectively I don't know baby and sibling goddesses are placed on either sides of the main item to list and release date to transport the nearest station to the temple is the Garda Station from where A Station is hardly 10 minutes walk away