Pollock's toy Museum on scala Street behind the Tottenham Court Road is a world away from the hi-fi and dominate the area it's been running a museum since 1956 and has been in its current location in these two picturesque Warren Like Houses since the 70s History of products however stretches back to the 19th century when a man called Benjamin Pollock married into a family who printed Victoria the businesGrandchildren speed to politics by the 1920s stars of stage and screen including Charlie Chaplin have visited polyps what was then and Hoxton Street died in 1936 the museum very nearly went on several times in 1950 it was saved by Margaret Photoshop today in the museums many many rooms and lining it's creaking Star Wars you can see toys from all areas and countries there's a beautiful rocking horse trainCabinet filled with space toys dating back from the 1940s onwards many of them made when space travel was merely a fantasy there are English dating from 1914 to 1970 and a very creepy looking wax dolls the oldest of which dates back from 18:2If you look carefully you will see a mouse from the banks of the Nile which is thought to be over 4000 years old and it could be the oldest toilet in the world what is a brilliant Museum for making you all nostalgic about games from your childhood you also get a vivid picture of how Kitty's of entertain themselves over the yearAnd if you know of a child who need entertaining than the toy shop next to the museum has a wonderful.