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Number 7 crossbones Cemetery crossbones Cemetery has a history that stretches back to the 12th century when it was the final resting place for the women of ill repute who were the Southbank for these women burial in consecrated ground was forbidden so they ended up in crossbones Cemetery for centuries the area was one of London's most notorious lunch 18-30 ZantMore and more bodies were injured in the cemetery most in unmarked graves bodies tended not to stay there for long because of its close proximity to Guy's hospital and the understanding no one would take notice if the graves were disturbing the cemetery was closed in 1853 in 1883 it was sold with the idea that it was going to bBuilding site that was short lived though nothing was permitted to be built on the site under the disused burial grounds act of 1884 it because space in a city like London is always at a premium it wasn't long before someone found reviews for it crossbones Cemetery became a carnival only to be kicked off the cemetery grounds when nearby residents complained about theIt is now used for storage at the time the cemetery was closed the clergy was concerned about how deeply the coffins were buried there were so many there that they were covered with little more than a dusting of dirt less than 60cm in many places in the 1990s the site was excavated prior to the construction of an underground power station the crew had six weeks today 148