Talking dog it is one of India's largest war memorials was built during the 1920s as you can see really tall it and it is absolutely spectacular the best part about this is God's Road leading in every direction to this is why doesn't it right there right there all day and all the way around you can come to Dalyan take a closer look lots of names in every stone and that is the emoji on Geordie the fireplacThat was India Gate can you guess where we're going nexShall we have sex after Johnstone which is a perfect example of the mobility of the things you can see it's massive and it situated in the middlGarden of the sort of like a child by which means phone goes on all fours you can see it in Marble and sandstone and it it is a beautiful feeling so this is the main thing as you can see it built in Marble it's right under the central dome absolutely beautiful Absolutely beautiful but for me it is definitely if you want to see mRead online classes Norwich is one of Delhi is most famous monuments that this was built by Emperor Shah Jahan and it is absolutely spectacular let's get a closer looWhich is where the Indian prime minister house the flag and address the nation every Independence Day ever since the 1st till now so they have iWhich is red sandstone that's why it's called the red