Welcome to things to do in Paris I'm Erika Linder what does the word of excitement this year about Woody Allen's new movie Midnight in Paris not the film was shot on location here in starts Rachel McAdams and Owen Wilson so we thought it'd be fun to take a few of the different sites that they went to unwrap them all up into a wonderful day trips so let's get started with the beautiful and majestic ball alexandrite behind me the Pope it is by far the most majestic of the 37 Bridges that cross the same river built back in 1990s for the Russian tsar Alexander III the Pope Alexander is a great place to start a tour on one side the coolant petit palais museums in Paris is main Boulevard the Champs-Elysees grass on the other side of the bridge is the ambulance where you're fin Hull term and cranium of military history and as always in the background the steady gaze of the iron lady looks over also if you're looking for one of the best places in Paris for a night-time view is it as both the bridge and the Eiffel Tower come o Flights are next stop is the musee lingerie in the tuileries gardens in Midnight in Paris just come here to get a little dose of French culture by visiting the exhibit of impressionist master Claude Monet's €18 in on the owner of the house 144 different paintings by grace like Suzanne Renoir and Russo also just outside of the museum don't miss th Three sculptures by her that all three were completed at around The Turn of the 20th century towards the en What's life after you've had your fill of Arden culture private shape sit back and relax in the tuileries gardens sandwich between the Louvre Museum on one side in the press that I can call them the other this is one of Paris is most likely parks just down from the orchestral email on this and you'll find what's known as the booking it now in the movie Gill came here to endure just French literature and he picked the right place there are over 200 vendors you that sell vintage books magazines and art in what's the world's largest open-air bookmark the different book any stretches on both sides of the same and they're open every day from about 11 in the morning until sunset But if you're like girl in late night inspiration is what you're looking for then make your way to where he seem to find it at the eglise Saint Etienne Dumont this church dates back to the 17th century and is located in one of Paris is most Charming neighborhoods in the latin quarter with lots of small shops and cute restaurants and after you set on the steps Justice Guild it midnight the street to take in the summer French is most celebrated artists and politicians are buried here