Prospect Park is it Scenic landmark covering almost 600 Acres built in the 1860s is considered Frederick law olmsted and Calvert boxes masterpiece but I miss the natural beauty that also contains incredible history and architecture grand army Plaza at The Parks northern boundary is it as a grand entrance is your find metal arch design by John Duncan is tribute to soldiers and sailors who died in the civil war the sculptures on the arch I buy fabric mcmonnies later Stanford white out of the Eagle top columns and Pillars Pavilions the entire Plaza is a national historic landmar southall on the Westside ofYou find the 1857 Lichfield Villa it was designed by Alexandra Jackson Davidson and italianate style once the residence of a prominent railroad magnet and real estate developer the villa was incorporated into the park and ounces is administrative officers South along the east side you find the late 18th century leopards house clever tiles was burnt by the British shortly before the Battle of Brooklyn in August of 177My name is San Marcos commemorating that famous battle or nearby including one to the Maryland 400 these brave soldiers suffered great losses but held back the British enable and George Washington's forces to escape through the down the east side there is the 1905 bowls are boat architects huberty and hudswell it was inspired by 16th century Venetian architecture IT centre for Environmental education