Visit London

This is all about the Paddington trail it's a triple win it's a lovely way promoting a movie that's coming out it's also great trail for people with both tourists and London as a like to follow all the waBecause London is going somewhere in Hyde Park and you can download the map and follow as much or as little as the trailers you like III win-win is there that at the end of the trail selection of bears will be auctioned for the NSPCC garden REdesign ultimately auctioned ofBenefit of her children the trail is absolutely fantastic there 50 bears and they are all designed by some a whole bunch of artist many famous people to go pick up people involved with the film such as Nicole Kidman and Hugh Bonneville his designer in bed semi Hawkins is done one with the kids handprints all over David Beckham School you've got to Peter Capaldi as Doctor WhBenedict cumberbatch's Sherlock Holmes and then we've got people like Michael Howell's who's done this fabulous Paddington with pigeons on it it is one of my favorites actually it is what to do because I wasn't iAnd has lots of synergy with them this is my burn this a tribute to Paddington is fascination and they need for marmalade and jars of marmalade in his little suitcase and it's most important of all under his hat is the marmalade sandwich for emergencies do they made it looks fantastic we can read all of the Paddington's with sculpted them he painted them to create what we've got here today suddenlSee what they are and it's wonderful it's a great relief I can't believe the quality of all the fantastic family if you can take off or 50g encourage everyone to arrive the to the TfL using contactless technology 81 more information on how to see the trailer