La Duquesa believe it or not one of the best places to get a good pizza is in the heart of Parma at this place is an institution and it really is one of the most historical places in Palma even though you're in the heart of beauty very badly you won't believe had she finish most pizzas are less than €1 Add the good stuff you can buy anything here from fresh pasta that rolled every morning to artisanal bread two cheeses it's not just the restaurant it's a whole food experience so this place has got a modern look and please don't be fooled you've got the whole family behind the counters running this place from someone cutting your fresh produce. Family member making a fresh pasta every morning this place really is for everyone is open from 8:3 1 in the morning seven days a week doesn't matter if you're an early bird or a night out coffee at NEC be fine dining this place is got it trattoria da Antonio simple and pretentious very much a hole in the wall but this place the food will blow your mind and Tanya is close to 80 years old but she still in the kitchen every single day with her daughter making everything pletely from scratch from