Darryl Kinson

My name is Carol White and I'm the senior curator of Antiquities at the Getty VillI'm his business while he had oilwell scattered around the globe which is where most of his wealth came from will get it collected out for many years for his own enjoyment but it is certain point in the late 19th 1960s he decided to share his collection with the public so he from the museum he created a small board of trustees and he made the Collections available here at the Getty Villa site in another structure but house it was on the property when he purchased it in the 1940But it grew the space available in the RAF Museum did actually construct a new Museum when I was big enough to house the collection allow for expansion and certainly to allow many more visitors to come onto the property and enjoy his collectioWe decided to construct the museum here he was living in England at Sutton Place and he was actually afraid to fly so he really left the continent herWill England and he never returned to the United States so he watch this museum being built through 8mm films and through photographs and through frequent meetings with his architect but he never sort it completed Museum he died a few years after it open to the public other ways we've tried to make our collection here more accessible to the public because we recognisThere may not be familiar with ancient history and languages was the decision we talked to install the collection by things so when you walk into a gallery you will say works collected to the same topic with it it's ancient religion Heroes from ancient mythology the everyday lives of women and children or animals and antiquity and in doing so we really want it all this works not only from the eyes of us as modern people but understand what they meant in antiquity II and hopefully to build a bridge between the past and the present and to recognise that many of these works still speak to us today