Oxford Circus Improvement Scheme Animation

Oxford St, London W1C 1DA, UK  


The West End has been the UK's dominant retail and Entertainment Centre since the early 19th century it continues to be a vibrant place with a distinctive retail offer and retractions and is now also amount on an international level however it's extreme demand and popularity present uni problems for it infrastructure and public grounds including congested streets vehicle and pedestrian conflic and a tired looking Street environmentIs one of the most renowned junctions in the world marking the Convergence of London's two most famous retail streets Oxford Street and Regent Street it is therefore no surprise that Oxford Circus is the primary Junction in the west end and one of the busiest spaces in London as a result uses of the circus is overcrowding restricted movement and an overall hostile environment problems which are compounded by its design and the prevalence of Street clutte in response to the problems Westminster City Council the Crown Estate transport for London and the new West End company togetherStakeholders have adopted the Oxford Regent and Bond Street action plan this puts forward a number of proposals to improve the quality of the public realm and in so doing enhance the overall visitor experience in one of Europe's finest shopping District Atkins the leading desirIT Consultancy has proposed a comprehensive REdesign of Oxford Circus which aims to provide more space for pedestrians through reduced Street clutter footway widening and iconic diagonal crossings this sequence of visually represent predicted flow air Traffic movement based on empiricaThe simulation demonstrates that the diagonal crossings give users greater freedom whilst maintaining the flow of traffic the proposals would improve the environment for residence domestic and international visitors and make the west end of more expensive and the destination for all