Americans Try An English Breakfast For The First Time

Oxford St, Fitzrovia, London W1D 1AN, UK  


This is considered the traditional Staple for most people most mornings we have the fried bread English bacon which is English back bacon it's obviously a different taste to the AmericLady pork sausage which we have made with a British butcher Heinz baked beans which are imported baked beans from England fried tomatoes grilled tomatoes here then underneath with got fried mushrooms the black pudding which is also known as blood pudding where I'm from the West Midlands it's known as AdelI think American bacon is better it's greasy or I mean if you're going to get something and healthy just like it go all the way you know this is really good it's really hard but I thinHomerton EnglanYou know what the if I can have the sauce in the Beans that's good what pudding is made of blood looks like listen I mean this has been a very interesting experience but to be honest I've started the American breakfast is a strong one English breakfast is better than American breakfast I'm sorry this is cinnamon toast crunc I think this one's