Blue no not that are dinosaurs in London now they're not real obviously there sculptures that were created by the artist Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins back in 1854 but they're free to come and see and I've got the day off so I thought I would come and explore and show you what they look like the time his sculptures were created they're incredibly accurate given all of the scientific data that existed at the time they were actually first put on show in Hyde Park and then brought down here to Crystal Palace at a later date after they were first displayed at the Great exhibition the Great exhibition was and he's getting bored of them but in 2002 they were repaired and pumped up to a grade 1 listed building so they totally protected in counted as part of the heritage of London and Great Britaina showcase of Britain's knowledge of its power of its industry of its mechanization and it's scientific wealth and power this incredible to think that all of this got to have existed in part for over 100 years they fell into disrepair is people fell out of love. Dinosaurs that it was really interesting to see the dinosaurs because they're kind of a bit clunky a bit old and it's a little window into a old Victorian Britain Victorian London so it's nice it's clean it's been a really fun little expedition around the lower Lake the dinosaur park so it's time to jump on the train and head back into central London