Road Trip Randy

The meaning of it all the streets swearing at the Grand Prix in the event Bondi custom putting on since 1975 they closed down major Street in the city the hostess IndyCar serieWe're supposed to meet one of Julie's friends at the bar but we quickly i'm going to happen you see Long Beach knows what they're doing and even though the race takes place to the streets of the city the only free place to watch the event up close is on a small corner behind the stable vets or so we're top anyone else with a good view that I have to press thaThose people up therThere's a lot of excitement going out around the city to City and I wanted to check it out one of the first things are realised that Long Beach right away with it it was clean all the buildings in Street seem to be taking care of how is it in the downtown area in for a weekend that brings into 100000 people didn't feel that proud of you that I was loving iLong Beach is a big fat see you regularly sea containers and ships going in and out one Sheffield always see when going to want it still is the Queen Mary tell me everything you know about this phone at this primary is amazing kind of the Queen used to be a passenger ship