California Travel Tips

Veronica Hills California travel tips with through this historic immigrant community and see what hidden treasures we can find established in 1938 Ellie's new China Town makes a fun and exotic day trip today it sounded more than 15000 Asian residents who live play and worship you every day The Taoist temple in Elstree this one of the largest and most beautiful and Southern California hear worshippers prayer to the goddess of the Seas lighting incense and offering a fruit and vegetables which are used to feed the poor chinese New Year oranges are Aphrodite's temple daughteImportant celebration crackling fireworks in a festive dragon Parade along North Broadway which Drive more than 50000 spectators a year what are my favourite things about China Town of the performances by the Shaolin man he's incredibly talented kung fu Warriors perform the first and third Sunday of each month and central Plaza Check this out this is where Bruce Lee Anthony Martial Arts Academy here in the United States central Plaza away name for the street of golden treasures in Old Peking is it colourful mix of Chinese restaurant fortune tellers art galleries in Amusements Don't miss the colourful Chinese dragon mural painting the shopping is also good here check out round 1 of tiny Township New Home Stores then pick up some Chinese or 9:35