Collin Vail Sullivan

Welcome to Beacon Hill I'm standing in front of the Landmark building which is the Massachusetts gold downstate house located on the very top of Beacon Hill some of the most sacred and oldest low end it all boston it was once owned by one man dating back to 16:2Across from the garden beacon Hill Rise the Boston CommoFirst public park in the country and home to outdoor concerts joggers children playing in the park and in the winter months are frozen ice surface on top of the frog pond for public ice skatinNarrow Street old fashioned gas Street lamps and brick Sidewalks representativeThe financial district a lot of residents choose to live here because it easy accessibility by foot or one or two train stops away what are the things Beacon Hill is known for are the charming and queen spacers side streets and Alleyways such as this one this gives you a pretty good representation of the space and scale of what were talking abouWelcome to louisburg square for is some people pronounce it louisburg Square these beautiful town homes represent what's known as the federal style of row houses it one of the quietest and most remarkable enclaves on Beacon Hill only the owners and residents here have access to this covered in parking