Hanging welcome the surgery today where is the Boston Museum of Science we're going to go we'll get how wide is generated real listen to some facts about the Cassini spacecraft Things that you should never microwavMentoring me how did check out Dean kimmins clean water exhibit to learn about the conservation efforts of water do an art exhibit in order to bring the message to life and if you the pictures of Saturns moons Richard French showed his presentationI am here to Museum of Science and Technology department science in the news and new technology different people that work hereSo we have a different team for our presentations and for all the exhibits the we have lived in it comes up with the ideas we hang the exhibits and how they're going to work and what kind of interactions what kind of sign still teach with another team that goes I didn't build those exhibits from scratch another thing that means all those exhibits museum and their use by our millions of deaths every year a lot of those components breakdown I don't work as well we have another team