You're always had a nervous system of India a by-product of British find the very first railways in India started here in Mumbai after she gain their independence in the embraced optimising expanded heroic system to extraordinary proportions and Mumbai with its extensivHaving a city is a great way to experience that must be i'm using the suburban rail network otherwise known as localAre the trains not the people it is incredibly cheap to travel by train in India especially second class but I strongly recommend that you squirt on a First Class ticket it is not in this is me it's about survival anybody here say the same thing stages of design for the season Mumbai candida who's used to the jogging in Josselin and jam packed in the happiest day in and day out as a tourist you can buy the athlete named tourist ticket for students 75 rupees around £2.5Travelling first class on all three suburban lines all day it's a good idea to figure out where the first class compartment is before that leicester Didcot swimming upstream when the train actually pulls in the easiest way to figure out where the first class compartment will be is to look for the walls and Pillars that are painted with red and yellow diagonal stripes avoid using local trains during rush hour first class or otherwise Rush Hour is around 8:30 a.m. Temperature in dental Ward South Mumbai and 5:3DPM for trains in the opposite directioJust ran to your platform come outside and look at the building that mixture of traditional Indian architecture and Victorian Gothic Revival is absolutely stunning and it's a UNESCO World Heritage Site to give yourself a few minutes and just take a look Around Every Corner and Mumbai you are assaulted by a new some awful but some incredible in almost invariably the incredible smells come from the street food here you may look at Mumbai street food and then maybe I shouldn't trust me just do it you will be rewarded with cheap amazingly delicious food a few things to remember to really make the most of your Mumbai street food experience Crown gather around stop getting line there is no better indoor sprint in popularity also make sure that the snack that you're enjoying is cooked wine in front of you and other using bottled air filter water I really wanted the opportunity to meet Ellie and from The Final Chapter. Net what is the best food blog in land by the kind oDefensive what we should be eatinI wish it it it where we should go to find the best eats in in Mumbai so thanks a lot for November and January and are the different parts of Mumbai in with different Communities live like some people from Gujarat or from South India so we are right now in Banbury calendaThis is an area which is a week or Maharashtra area so it is the state to which mobile it belongs to say you're actually in the heart of Mumbai and it's really interesting because it away five minute cab ride auto auto ride with that illegal to Lucia Isabella nikolic it is like the new Central Business district and and you've got all the spanker restaurant so they're all the new openings are over there