KQED Art School

The more people know me is neon I'm going to be a crew in writing graffiti since 1985 but it really been getting up since 1989 going to talk about early San Francisco history and unfortunately you can't really talk about all of them to school history in one shot so this is going to be just a few stories in a few facts about early. I think the four getting around 85 right after Star Wars 84-85 people repeating anything that was happening was really the Skyrim in the city he was more towards the east side towards the mission and stuff he had contact with dog from tmf and those kind of Guise reckless riders that was the crew that was his first clue reckless riders or w that was the beginning of like hip hop rap they didn't tell the history of New York they were talking about 1982 and we were looking back on 30 years there's so much and everybody's stories different so you're going to hear a different version of I'll say something and then you'll hear different from crying your heart different from Austria the new here's is completely different version from like the tmf guys it's just the Way It Is everyone's story is different but it's all the same it's all graffiti