We are outside the parameter which is one of the oldest structures in Delhi now inside this is the famous most popular in Korea and we're going to go check it out so funny forever flowers built by flying in 1533 auditions for Me Later by Sher Shah Suri once he gave it to control the way I think towards the back of the moss then head to the frontAs you can see it's a rectangular building on it's a mix red Uno sandstone yoga I really intricate dog carvings and inlays on the front absolutely gorgeous woLook at that so we write another central Dawn we can see that you know in their work and intricate carving all along the ceiling is really beautiful said that was the piranha killer and beautiful mosque what's next to which has quite an intriguing story and I will tell you that in just a bit but let's get it first And feet of milestones during the 15th century symbolises the concept of paradise from the Islamic religion was by the Mayans wife for him and guess what the Taj Mahal was inspired by the way that was worth the Trek up here That is the let's go inside this is the main tune it's really amazing to think thaMughal Emperor from way back then is right herBuried at the spot put down the comments you it as well and I will see there's when you soon bye so if you like this video make sure you give it a thumbs up tell me what was your favourite place in this video and also subscribe to Channel if you have it