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This was the place Sigmund Freud called home at the end of his life the father of psychoanalysis brought his family here during the Second World War it was their refuge from the persecution they faced in Austria because of their Jewish heritage it was once a home now it's a museum and homage to an intellectual pioneeThis is the centerpiece of the Freud Museum Freud study when he fled from the Nazis in Vienna he brought all of his things with him all of his books and Antiquities and recreated his Vienna study here in London the most famous part of the study is of course the couch where he saw his patients he died in this room in 1939 and nothing has changed since one notable exception in this anniversary year of freud's birth weekend entirely new perspective on the rooMirror on the ceiling is a work by one of Britain's most celebrated artists the Turner Prize winning Mark wallinger here Floyd's chair and his famous cap