When visitors 1st of April it seems quite normal but that's a head inside it still opens up into this giant cabinet of curiosities Johnson was the Regency architect you was a self-made ma 1753The Collections span centuries in ages we have over 30000 objects have been involved in the restoration of search on sentencing for 30 years and the whole process culminatIn the last five months with the completion of a seven year project called opening up the same in which we did almost therWe put back complete Interiors that have been lost from phones total work of art the whole of the second floor is now open to the public we also open the kitchens in the basement which the public never seen this museum looks pretty much exactly as it did on the day of Souls death in January 1837 it's very interesting just to be list of space it's very theatrical this is if you like the PS the resistance of Soanes Museum he's managed to squeeze over 110 paintings into pretty small spacBut I think they're the biggest draught visitor's deep intake I do thiWe invite children and family then to museum in and lots of different ways school groups we have informal of family learning activities and creative activities and it's a really fun pacFor children so many different nooks and crannies mysterious places stories that can be told out of it until they find it really really fascinating it it does inspire imagination this place no matter how old you are only have we now got the whole of the museum as so intended we've also created to new exhibition spaceWhen will space right in the heart of the museum with Mark Quinn is a wonderful initiative in that we found an artist who came to us with the idea of engaging with the collection in the very intelligent way and producing works that were designed to fit in amongst it sounds on collectioTeenage technology it involves scanning the whole Museum and then set an objects within it surface of the sarcophagus can get up close to it