Girl vs Globe

When you enter the building lobby you immediately noticed the launches but don't worry it hence the roof pretty quickly within 15 minutes I was already upstairs ready to explore the first thing you should do is get out on the balcony and snap some photos yep this is not the time to leave your camera at home but today just sit back and enjoy the views for a momenWhen your free ticket you only get one hour here which kind of iIncredible there different restaurants where you can book a table Fenchurch restaurant Darwin Brasserie and bar you can book directlPages for exact opening times if you don't have a booking you can still grab a bite at Sky pod bar throughout the day they are for drinks snacks and sandwiches but in the evening it also cocktails sharing Platters and live music I can't wait to check that out of my next visit and if you want yep there it is before your time runs out don't forget to take a stroll through the garden and it was beautiful divers I think the floor to ceiling Windows the views are just as spectacular inside at their Adam the balcony so feel free to just stand there and take it all in and it pretty much concludes our visit to the sky garden in 20 Fenchurch Street or the walkie-torquay building I think it's funny shame I really like the hidden gem as much as I did if you enjoyed my video please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel