Visit Dubai

My name is Lenny film an artist and producer and today I'm giving you a quick tour of aldo's starting off with commentWhich side of the came by default the neighbourhood Cafe this is an example of the creativity and the entrepreneurship of the city This is GPB gulf photo PluReading Festival a chocolate factory opened up in a circle Avenue today I'm seeing it for the first timHe's just done a magnificent project in Egypt he's painted over 60 building but from a distance to get to see one huge mural changes that you would have my children's favourite place like literally every weekend they want to come here they do workshops but you can also get a canvas paint and do your thing so over here is the $19 which was set up as another communal space beginning of the summer tonight they're having a live performance I Believe by freshly ground sounds which is a no-go group of musicians We've completed and food bound looked at art to music this place keeps changing every year so it shall I will continue the toilets tier 5 heavy see you soon