The Food Ranger

Number is packed with fizzy near going to fall in love with on your first try you'll never ended a new things to try as you explore the city I came here to eat and I find it kind of Awesome snacks and meals it blew Me Away travel always say that India is sensory overload and I have to agree especially when it comes to eating if they have a apAre you gaThat looks juicy all well thank you I wanna take a boy I'm gonna get some of that produces saturated faThank you that is unbelievable my way to the most famous street food in Mumbai type of aka the mooBut if you're vegetarian this is your heaven it's made with deep fried potato patties stuffed with cumin mustard seeds turmeric coriander and masala powder and then it's covered in a mint chutney sweet chutney and a spicy red chilli powder hi burger look at that wow