City of London

Keats house close to Hampstead Heath and run by city of London Corporation is where the romantic poet John Keats different 18:18 to 18 keeps house or Wentworth place it was originally known it was built in 1814 to 18:15 as a peHouses made to look like one lodger hous1/2 was owned by critic and writer Charles Wentworth dilke and another by Charles Brown a poet 20 years after keeps live to a retired actress called Eliza Jane Chester bought the property and turned it into one homKeeps me th23 after one of his younger brothers died and the other emigrated to America by this time keeps it already had many years medical training however by the time keeps mute it it is decided to devote himself to life as a poet world I think he keeps wrote many of his most famous works for instance hero mode including a nightingale and Ode on a grecian urn these were written during particularly inspired1890 it is also hear that keeps falling over funny Braun who moved into the other half of the house with her mother and her siblings after Charles wenThey became engaged 1819 never married because keeps has both a struggling poet and he soon began to suffer from the effects of tuberculosiStupid brother Tom and his mother because Keith was so he could not meet with funny so they communicated to letter sent from one house to the other