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Where is The Palazzo pubblico or town hall in Siena merlin fact well into the 14th century the city was known as the Bankers to the papa CNN edition the City game to tremendous amount of wealth because it was on the road between France and Rome and so anybody who is going on a pilgrimage with stop. Benefits of that worst trade there are two main centres of power in the commune Ariana and that was the church and that's exemplified by the duomo of the top of the hill and then down here just at the bottom of the field or what is known as the camper Since The Palazzo pubblico and in one of the main meeting rooms were the rulers of the city than 9 that we have an extraordinary series of frescoes by ambrogio lorenzett The rulers of the city they're responsibilities to be good and just in the dangers of not doing so let's describe for a moment the room itself on one wall there is a set of Windows but on the other three major frescoes by lorenzetti opposite the windows as the allegory of good government it to the right of that are the effects of good governmen And the country and then opposite that is what happens when pirates take over it so let's start with the allegory of good government and now means that we might want to know it first it is right beneath the personification of Justice who sits looking up to another citizen advice Wisdom and justice is doing just that his meeting out justice in her hands she's got skills with an angel on either side and on her left she meets out Dusty the form of a reward and on the right as punish