Road Trip Randy

Let me start with the question when you think of Hollywood what comes to mind celebrities best cars to clean beautiful streets line palm tree restaurants well you might see a little of that but that's not it before we accurate picture of what Hollywood is like let me let you win at FIFA the only glamorous part of this town and especially this is it is what you see on TV how good is diverse It may have its luxury apartments and I can dictate it but it also has its run down areas that truthfully remind me of the truth but the heart of Hollywood forever until it is Hollywood Boulevard and that's remain focused on today I don't think everyone wants to see when they visit the boulevard is the Hollywood Walk of Fame and it's actually pretty cool it's a sidewalk job gareth it goes on for over a mile I need to start a famous person's name part of the fun is searching for your favourite that is if you can avoid the maps of other people trying to do the same thinWait a minute there is no way anyone thought I wasn't a tourist leinster East in Hollywood and vine this is one of the nicer person however if you're looking for nightlife this is the place you want to check out the haters restaurants and bars attacked in the smallUcretsiz and a lot of tourists but it's a pretty comfortable place it again you can also go up to in each Direction without feeling when you finish