Hollywood for generations it can people from all over the worlOn our way this is going to go personal number 5 the Grammy Awards are result of the Walk of Fame it's only artists working in cinema to get a star on the Walk then realise they were famous to the original requirement for a musical act it was that they needed to have sold 1 billion records or a quarter million albums in order to be eligible for official soon discovered that send it in that go even though they really deserve the star so the big waves in the music players were like that in right and the national Academy of recording arts and Sciences forms to create the Grammy Awards these days these specific criteria or under wraps goes a long way number for $30,000 What am I what I look like a beggar you think that recognition comes free but someone has to create the actual star and it stayed home replica and someone has to serve decide what to install it and someone has to hire photographers and security for the ceremony to land when it's all said and done someone has gotta maintain the thing to keep that brass looking brassy therefore at 32 Punjabi is required in order to obtain a coveted star