George Callaghann

Hello respected you as this is George from Ireland now look at the building behind me for the Onion dome the more educated wants you may have realised that the Russian Orthodox church so where am I well not in Russia I'm on Harvard Road in Chiswick London Suburb raps 8 mileCharing Cross Gunnersbury is the nearby tube station is gonna come here so yes that is a Russian Orthodox church there's the priest's House we lose his wife and family if they're three priests you see that special designed of those who can't settle on it because it was too much snow than the roof collapse obviously here are in the British Isles that's not a problePeople who bet on a white Christmas usually lose their bet so isn't it fast data to find this just beside the tube line divine worship on Sunday at 10 in the morning part of the Russian Orthodox church abroad at the archdiocese of the door mission something rather never quite sure what division is the lot of cathedrals and churches got promotion in the name so do paid a visit in it it's not the dad to bOrthodox church it usually have 5 doses for the five patriarch of Moscow Constantinople Antioch remember the other two so that's that so there are a few more Russian orthodox churches in London has won in Kensington and I can't think who are the Ukrainian autocephalous