Hampstead Hill Gardens, Hampstead, London NW3, UK

The liffey bar and the North of London it's nothing but a few times two windmills and a chapel Hampstead first started attracting people in large numbers after 17:03 dr Carl William Gibbons declared that the local Water from Hampstead was prettHampstead became famous for its healing water Dr Gibbons moved into this house which is the day called berghaus and just found a short walk away from the Hampstead well today this house is the Hampstead Museum people came to Hampstead Wells to benefit from the water as medicinal qualities Hampstead well became a spot on a smaller versioBritish spa towns like Bath Road Cheltenham there's a road called flask walk which is probably named so because around this area the watch it would have been bottled and flasks and served a bottle of Hampstead finest watches sold for threatened stuff last in the pub in flask walk Hampstead was successful assist 2 mile into 1708 washers were carried for sale all the way to Holborn and Charing Cross where it was sold in the Potteries Manchester today pleasIt became less popular in the 18 hundreds probably inspires because they were records suggesting the price of rowdy behaviour in this area which may have put off the fence your clientele and eventually the spou 1882