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At 46 Gordon Square where there's now a plaque for John Maynard Keynes was the home of Virginia Vanessa Adrian and Toby Stephens from 1904 to 1987 is where the Bloomsbury group began their Thursday evenings of a compass Recitals attended by the likes of Elena dwarf me when I'm shy Mary Virginia listen Street she Roger fry all these familiar names if you there only reading them on the Bloomsbury grouSo the factors the favour making thanks perhaps it says here in a neighbouring houses during the first half of 20th century their lives several members of the Bloomsbury group clive Bell and the street she's a bit of time just next door there is a plankton stretchy the biography author of eminent Victorians read about Queen Victoria and I are heroic the Lady With The Lamp Florence Nightingale And I'm just walking 1sq over from Gordon Square so the next Square to Tavistock Square so no wonder when they made the BBC drama about the Bloomsbury group recently they called it like in squares now this side of Tavistock Square by the Tavistock Hotel is he can definitely see that was bombed in the war which is a shame because that is where Virginia Woolf list for the last few years of her life where she wrote a lot of taxi works they definitely would like to put a plaque there however perhaps even better if they put a memorial for her inside Tavistock Square which will go and take a look at So coming in to Tavistock Square now welcome to Tavistock Square Leeds got a little plaque her telling us about Virginia Woolf very very young and BeautifulWhich is handy because the memorial for her isn't slow so flattering it up here in the corne the memorial is a bus cost from an original piece by Stephen TomWhat is an artist and there a friend of the Bloomsbury grouVirginia didn't like being a muse she didn't like posing for the pieces like being the centre of attention and she didn't like the finished piece because two people and it makes her look a bit ugly and so bad it had an amusing irony that it is now