People seem to be really attracted to wife in general I mean it it says the basic and pulses it's not verbal it's like looking at account buyers in something very hypnotic people are attracted to so big and I'm planning on adding this digital element to it and finding my own roles and structures and ways of taking people on a journey my main interest is in creating light sculpture my work with with light sculpture is on his Men very much about creating a social space wondering what it is I trying to decode and they're not having his conversations about this pieces so creating communal space and the b lights consists of 25000 white LED lights approximately their power supplies all over the bridge does power supplies also receive data so each one has an IP address the equipment is stored in the central Anchorage of the bridge which isn't very middle and it it holds a b****** and the control computers are in there so we've been having to use a remote connection to access this computer from locally so I've been using remote desktop to log into this machine to be able to control them remotely funny important things about the bay lights that we using LED low voltage lights very energy the total power draw for the daylight is $30 a night and the pieces enormous is that means I've had to go to a lot of different places and look at the Pearson and let me know see what hat is it look close up how does it work far away certain things return things down to the vennel bottom of back during end of trying to make it work from as many angles as possible I think this work is just different than a lot of other types of work did people used to work then you may go home with no specific recollection of the word all other than the time that you were there it's it's the human occasion in the community that you're worth the story that you told her her the song it may have been sung or the action it was going on around you it it's a mood Pisa to community peace rather than just the thing that lives in isolation