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Front bay is the official name of the harbor so named because Mumbai started as a tiny settlement facing the HarbouThe body of water behind the original settlement forming an arc between the former islands of kalabagh and Bombay Island up to the Malabar Hill promontory all Peninsula was similarly called back Bay the islanders thickly wooded with pom mango and tamarind treeThe Island has a population of about 1200 involved in growing rice fishing and repairing boatFishing boats more at elephanta Island there are 3 small villages on the island and tourism to the caves and fishing at the mains solid liquid for the villagers there's a mini toy train which takes passengers from the jetty to the islanThe deccan traps one of the Earth's largest igneous provinces, over 500000 square kilometres of West St interrupted about 66 million years ago during the Extinction of the dinosaurs the flood Basil's in cooperation with the sea rains and Rivers have shaped the landscape of west central India the famous elephanta caves constitute one of the most striking collections of rock art in India The cave consists of a square plan mandapa who sides measure about 27m the interior is divided up into smaller areas by rows of supports the whole shape carefully imitates a buildinFalse profile he been Carved in the roof of the cave and the supports which are complex structures can buy in from bottom to top the shapes of the pillars columns and capitals found in bonded stone architecture the Rock cut architecture of the caves has been identified as belonging to the. BeacDifferent eight centuries the identity of the original builders is a subjective d the main cave cave 1 all the great cave was a Hindu place of worship until Portuguese rule At the very entrance to the cave to the north of an Esplanade reached by steep flight of steps the pilgrim or visitor to this high place of Shiva ISM is greeted by two large carved panelIn a chapel on robbie entrance stands the cylindrical lingam symbol of the supreme being and principle of all energy