Now surrounded by beautiful and bustling neighborhoods this 30 Acres Park a lot of history they also contain the remains of some of the nearly twelve thousand Americans captured by the British during the Revolutionary War our country's first. of iMany capitals were taken during the Battle of Brooklyn the first major battle of the war the battlArea and the Americans were vastly Outnumbered IV which stood here was abandoned general George Washington and Son of 9000 of his troops for the Manhattan despite this loss of course Washington went on to win the war the British helicopters from the battle and prison ships in your firewall about their thousands more would have including young boys civilians and enslaved and free african-americans conditions were overcrowded filthy and crosses from all 13:ies types of disease and malnutritioSome 11500 persons died and the ships more than all the other battles of the war it could have been saved in released by pledging allegiance to Britain but few if any did the British through the bodies of the Dead into the east river as body is embalmed washed Ashore Brooklyn residenceGraves for the Brooklyn Navy yard stand eventually the remainder and told on a local farm 30 years after the batPoet Walt Whitman was editor of the Brooklyn daily eagle Whitman beginner campaign for a public park in proper crypt on the grounds of the old fort Halstead and Berks creators of Central and Prospect Park laid out the grounds in 1867 remains were then move to evolve here in 1873 later 10 ft white designer mining president-elecWe are tap the candidates dedication in 1908 it's officially the prison ship Martyrs monument the monument features of storing 149 ft high door column top by an 8 tonne 24th Brandon it's one of the largest free the columns in the world the closet surrounding it was design with four bronze Eagles it won't stop the quarter granite postThe brunts pizzas were designed by sculptor it off Weinman that's none for the statue of Civic Fame that sits atop the municipal building in Lower Manhattan there's also a nature centre at the park containing more information about the what are the facts and history of the site there's also a list containing names of people held on many of the shipBefore Green Park Conservancy and urban park ranger Stephan eicher Centre and offer a variety of programs this is Brooklands first park name for major General nathanael Greene a trusted aid to Washington despite it's important todayEndocrine the city finally restored the monument and Plaza in 2006 for National Park service is now reviewing a request the name the memorial and national monument